Some view the creation of autonomous vehicles as the form of extinction that will get rid of delivery drivers. That may be so. But little do people realize how drones may just be the killer of the many driving professions. Major companies like Amazon have serious technology in producing effective drones that must just change the entire logistics industry.

Amazon recently displayed its newest delivery drone. The drone is fully electronic and was debuted at a technology conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This drone is peculiar. It is much different than what perhaps comes to mind when you envision a drone. This drone looks and flies differently than the average drone. The drone is a hexagonal drone. It has a hybrid design. It contains few moving parts, has a protective shroud for the blades as the wings and has vertical transitions. When the drone takes off for flight it replicates that of a helicopter take off.

Amazon is citing that in a few months they will release these drones to start making deliveries. So many new technologies had to be put into place to ensure that drones like these can adequately make deliveries. The use of all rigid flex circuit boards, software, hardware and the people that had to create this drone have worked tirelessly to create the future of drone delivery. It has always been a mission and goal of Amazon to cut down on shipping times. The drone will make two-day shipping, a shipping time that has made Amazon a lot of money seems like a thing of the past. These drones will have deliveries delivered within hours of the purchase.

Some may question the safety of these drones. Sensors and compute models help keep the drone safe. These sensors are thermal, ultrasonic and visual. The autonomous flight systems of the drone make it land safely and where it exactly needs to land. These drones are independent and are connected to a network to ensure their safe arrival.

Drone delivery¬†will be major. It is still in its infancy, but the design of these items will transform how companies to deliver packages. The build of drones is what makes these devices practical for delivery and for fast delivery. Technology for sensors and machine learning models are a part of these drones being created for logistical needs. These sensors and machine learning models are responsible for the drone’s flight envelopes, controls and shape. Cameras are also attracted to these drones. The cameras allow for the drone to get a glimpse of the environment around it. The aircraft has a great sense of direction and can spot oncoming objects.

State of the art drones like the ones Amazon are deploying will only become normal and accepted parts of home delivery. E-commerce is constantly expanding and there are companies wanting to get packages delivered even faster to consumers. Drones make delivery extremely fast. A major e-commerce giant like Amazon wouldn’t dare be left out of the changing landscape of home deliveries, drone and the logistics industry.

By alpha