Technology has developed number of tech-creatures over the years and computer machines such as laptops and desktops are very common in use these days. The rise in the rise of the corporate sector and the modern educational institutes provide their employees and kids PCs respectively. Employees use the company’s owned computer desktop machines to work fast and for the productivity. On the other hand, the young generation has these computer laptop devices for educational reasons such as to search, explore the word and keep themselves updated. Anyhow, no matter what type of advantages user can get from the PCs, but there is the number of people out there who really want to spy on computer desktop devices to the fullest.

Use TheOneSpy computer monitoring software

With TheOneSpy computer surveillance app: You can track PCs such as laptops and desktop computer devices that run with OS windows and MAC. It empowers the user to spy on all the activities happen on the target windows and MAC machine. No matter what time is it, at what place you are, what sort of activities you are looking forward to getting access in, computer tracking software is the best option for you to spy on your target computer device fully. The reason behind am arguing with full of confidence is its powerful monitoring tools that enable a user to track the PC of windows and MAC operating systems. Let’s discuss spying tools of MAC and windows individually.

MAC monitoring app Features

Website blocking

A user can block all the websites that a user think are inappropriate for the target MAC machine user.  You can block the particular websites by putting the URLs into the filters and job is done. No one will get access to the blocked websites again.

Camera Bug

A user can hack the front camera of the target MAC laptop by sending the command in it and once it is received, you will be able to view who is up to the device. It means a user can get to know who is using the target computer machine at the moment.

MIC bug

You can remotely listen to the surround sounds on the target MAC device and analyze the surrounding environment by listening to the surround voices and conversation if happens.

Screen recording

You can hack the camera of the MAC laptop computer and can make back to back videos of the screen of your target machine. It will keep updated the user about the activities occurs on the computer screen.


The user can get their hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target MAC computer device. You can get password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and email keystrokes. The user can use these keystrokes to get access to the target MAC device.


You can remotely capture the screenshots of MAC computer device screen and keep yourself updated about what really is happening on the device.

Sync Settings

A single click of the user can stop or start the function of each and every single feature available in the online control panel of TheOneSpy MAC surveillance software. A user just needs to use the Sync settings.

Windows surveillance app

User-friendly reports

A user can get time-to-time user-friendly reports regarding anything done by the target user on the target windows desktop machine. Simple, it gives you updates regarding all the activities done by the user on the windows PC.

Website blocking

If you want to block particular websites on your targeted windows laptop device because of so many odd reasons, you can use website blocking of the windows spy app and put URLs of the websites to filters. Now no one will be able to get access to the blocked websites unless you remove the URLs from the filters.

On-Demand screenshots

No matter what is going on the target windows computer device, you can come to know it within no time. You can capture screenshots instantly with on-demand screenshots of the Windows spy software.

Mighty Alarms

If you want to keep an eye on the particular activities happen on regular basis or occasionally, a user can use mighty alarms and fix it with the activities. Thus, it will update the user at the time of happening of the particular activities on which you have fixed the mighty alarms earlier.

Real-Time monitoring

A user can track all the activities on the windows in real-time


A user can get end-to-end geolocation of the windows machine and get to know the complete route map.

Online/Offline tracking

Unlike any other productivity assessment tool TheOneSpy windows tracking app perform both online and offline tracking.

Invisible mode of tracking

A user can secretly monitor the target windows computer device and target user will not have a clue that someone has kept an eye on him.


TheOneSpy computer spying is the best and ultimate tool to track the MAC and Windows PCs to the fullest with the help of its powerful and accurate features.

The Bottom Line

TheOneSpy is a feature-rich parental control app that enables parents to monitor and safeguard their kids in the real and digital world. It is a complete computer monitoring solution to be availed approximately at $20 per month. There are multiple subscription time periods and package plans for Computer monitoring software.

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