What Is Laser Bleaching?

Tooth whitening is nothing new. For years people have used a wide variety of household products and treatments to remove coffee stains, the yellow shade left from cigarette smoking and other blemishes to teeth. From lemon juice and vinegar to peroxide solutions and baking soda many people have found home remedy teeth whitening mixtures that actually do work when brightening up teeth. Of course the recommended option is to consult a certified dentist first and consider the latest in laser technology that allows for laser bleaching, a procedure that involves an argon laser and special gels that penetrate the outer layer of a tooth, called the enamel, and work to remove stains quickly and painlessly.

Laser bleaching was approved by the FDA years ago and after wards many dentists and oral surgeons began performing laser bleaching surgery to help whiten the teeth of their patients. Safer and more effective than household treatments and take-home whitening kits laser bleaching can only be performed by a certified dentist in a dentist office. The use of an argon laser is not something just anyone can handle and it requires special training and certification to be able to properly use the equipment. Find out first that your dentist has the training and equipment to successfully perform this procedure since not all dentists are able to use laser technology in their practice.

Laser whitening is much like other chemical whitening methods that use lasers and specially formulated gels to rid teeth of stains and discoloration. Fast and efficient laser bleaching is recommended for teeth that have turned particularly bad as in a gray or purple color. If you just need a little white highlight to your teeth a full on laser surgery procedure may not be the best option and it will certainly cost a lot. Many dentists also offer alternatives to laser bleaching in the form of programs and plans for teeth whitening that are not as expensive as laser treatment. Again, many simple home remedies have proven successful in providing a quick fix to slightly yellowing teeth.

However, to date the most effective and fastest way for permanently removing stains is through laser bleaching. Laser bleaching studies show that the duration of the effects from laser surgery far outlast every other whitening solution available. The strength of the laser combined with the quick reaction of the gels leads to almost instant results after the operation and a bright smile you can be proud of. Laser bleaching does have its side effects so be sure to have a thorough consultation with your dentist to discuss special conditions and allergies as well as realistic results one can expect from the procedure. Also know that cosmetic surgery such as teeth bleaching is often not covered by a health insurance plan so if you are considering the operation know that you’ll have the money to afford it.

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