What Is the Future of Security With 2 Factor Authentication?

What is the future of security and how are we protected from the advancing technologies of hackers and man in the middle attacks? There are believers that think two factor authentications is the future of security measures and there are also people that think that the technology behind 2 factor authentication has been proven to be vulnerable and that it will become obsolete and give away to a newer and more comprehensive security technology.

Many people believe that it is the best type of security we currently have available today. 2 factor authentication technology, when used properly online can help make important sites such as financial sites more secure than previously where when only a password was required. Companies like Microsoft, Google and Bank of America have implemented various type of two factor authentication into various parts of their business. Companies like PayPal have made use of this technology and have incorporated into their web services. This has added additional security to their services and has increased the security for their users.

With these companies adopting authentication security and with the technology behind it continuing to advance, there are many who still say that the technology is obsolete because of the fact that it’s not perfect and it can still be compromised. There are skeptics, but what security programs haven’t been breached in some way or fashion? As more security breaches occur, the technology behind security advances to combat these breaches. Regular passwords are an outdated solution and are vulnerable to security breaches, man in the middle attacks and many websites don’t require anything more than just the regular password.

Many vendors tout two factor authentications as the ultimate security technology which makes it easy for skeptics to downplay the importance and benefits of authentication security. 2 factor authentication technology isn’t perfect, but it’s a growing technology that will advance and many businesses have found success in adopting this technology in their businesses. It is a security solution that has been working for many businesses and it’s not hard to understand why many people think it’s the best type of security we currently have.

2 factor authentication is a solution that has set the bar for security and is an industry standard. As we adopt biometric technology and incorporate it into the mix, it’s only a matter of time before other businesses start using it and more businesses will be following suit.

By alpha