Why New Technology Is So Important in Mattresses

Don’t be put off or overwhelmed by impressive and complex sounding technology when you come to buying your new bed. Of course marketing is at work, but many developments in mattress technology help you to sleep a lot better. Here are some of the technological terms to look out for when you choose a new bed mattress.

Buying a new mattress? When you first start looking you may find that you are confused by all the technology described. However, don’t dismiss this as a marketing ploy. Mattress manufacturers spend millions on helping you to sleep better. New technology has made comfortable nights’ sleep possible for so many people, so it’s worth learning a bit about it to help you choose what’s right for you.

For example, take the Miracoil mattress. This is a special system that works by including lots of springs within the mattress which are lined up along the length, not the width, which leads to more even support across the entire mattress which is important for increased comfort whilst sleeping.

Over time, this does not get worse and lose its support as is prone to happening in cheaper mattresses and is the main reason that you might have to buy a new one early on.

There are different types of Miracoil mattresses, some of which include up to seven tension zones to provide a truly amazing level of support and comfort. This makes use of extra springs installed in important places to create a posture zone, and it prevents rolling from becoming a problem by getting rid of the formation of depressions.

Then there are pocket sprung divan beds. These beds are another form of technological solution which has made sleeping a lot more comfortable for many people. The way these beds work is by combining the springs in separate pockets so that each spring works independently of the others to provide the exact level of support that is needed for each individual. It too prevents rolling which is caused by depressions, and lack of support is never a problem as it can sometimes be in mattresses at the lower end of the market.

These are just some of the ways that mattress technology has helped people to sleep better over the years. Make sure you consider these two types of bed when it comes to choosing your own mattress and don’t dismiss the technology that is at work.


Take advantage of these technological developments when you purchase your new mattress. Technology is improving all the time, so ask about the different mattress technology that is now available, and enjoy sleeping more comfortably as a result.

By alpha